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Secrets of Sokol Keep

There always have been stories of treasure on Thorn Island, the isle functioning as a natural breakwater for Phlan’s harbor. The details differ with the teller of the tale. Many have sought the fabled riches of Sokol Keep, but nobody has ever claimed it, or at least admits to doing so. Now most believe it has been found long ago or that it is just a myth; one of many that surrounds Phlan.

In the decades that the keep was an abandoned ruin, there certainly has been ample of time for adventurers to scour the island. When House Sokol assumed control of the island, they never professed having found any treasure when they restored, and later extended, the keep. And they never looked very kindly on treasure seekers intruding upon their property and stead-fastedly blocked any thorough search of the keep in the century that they have been its custodian. Having been forced to mostly leave the island recently due to the troubles in the city, there would be little the House could do about any uninvited guests.

Still, Sokol Keep’s lighthouse is a reliable source of income for the house and important to the city’s maritime trade and defense. So the family left a token few retainers to maintain the fortress and ensure that the beacon was operational. Leading this small group was the young Igan Sokol, a junior member of the family. In addition, the Black Fist has a small squad of soldiers at the Keep to ostensibly help with defense.

Igan’s Journal


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