Igan Sokol

Heir to the Sokol Estate and Quarter Master of Sokol Keep


Little is known about the Quartermaster of Sokol keep other than that he was interested in the secrets of Sokol Keep to the detriment of his health. He fell in with the wrong crowd when he made friends with Grimm after a book about Tyr literally fell into his lap (The doing of Harae, the spirit haunting the Keep).

Grimm pushed Igan to further unlock the secrets and ultimately found a secret passage under the west tower of the keep. When Igan and Grimm discovered the Jade Idol in the caves under the keep Igan was examining the altar with a wand in hand when he was stabbed in the back by Grim. Igan had expressed a wish to destroy the idol, fearing that it was something evil and Grim was unable to convince him that it may worth a fortune. Igan’s murder right at the altar awoke its ancient magic; animating the complex’s guardians


Igan Sokol

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