D&D Expeditions

Dealing with the actions of your fellow adventurers

Hi team,

As there was a bit of ‘questionable’ decisions that occurred last night, I’d like you all to take a minute and think about your alignment.

How do these decisions affect your opinions about your fellow companions? Are you slipping down a dark slope? Are you rising toward the light?

I’m not encouraging inter-party conflict…except I kind of am. Don’t hesitate to stand up for what you believe in. Just something to think about before next week. It will most likely impact how you decide as a team to move forward.

I’m also kicking around a really fun idea for each of your characters. Hit me up next week before the game to discuss.


The Courting of the Fire
Places of interest in the Moonsea vacation district.

Join Mad Marrik Itkovian Balor Blueleaf & Company as they are confronted with new challenges.. What has been wrought from the artistic collaboration of Balor Blueleaf and Gurrok ? What secrets does Itkovian uncover about his former master Brukahli. WIll his apprentices follow in his footsteps ? Does Prisoner 477 have a puzzle box ? If so how close is he to solving it? What happened to Nigel? The answer to all these questions and more in this weeks. Expeditions: the Courting of the FIre.

Dues for the Dead

Doomguide has need of trustworthy Adventures to assist in cleaning the graveyard catacombs.

Shadows over Moonsea
Ghost ship raid

The Adventures have been asked to investigate rumors of a “Ghost Ship” by Yovir Glandon.

Shadows over the Moonsea
"Beware the eye of the dracolich!"

The lighthouse of Sokol keep has been restored as you help the ghost of Harae find peace.

Igan Sokol, having been murdered by the treacherous and greedy Sergeant Grimm, has been laid to rest.

Grimm was brought to justice and is now a prominent decorative feature over Stojanow Gate, swinging from his noose gently back and forth in the breeze.

…but as Harae departed, her last words haunt you, “Beware the eye of the Dracolich!”

Life on the Moonsea isn’t easy. Bandits, pirates, and cruel lords dominate the land, threatening those that make an honest living there. Now, a new scourge is prowling the waters: A ghost ship has been striking small coastal villages, leaving it’s victims whispering about “the eye of the dracolich.”

A little more than a week passes and just when you think the rumors were exactly that, rumors, a note is dropped into your lap requesting your presence at Valhingen Cemetery.

You answer the call to Valhingen Cemetery and meet Doomguide Yovir Glandon, the high priest of Kelemvor (lawful neutral god of death). Yovir has also heard the rumors of a “ghost ship” attacking coastal communities and is worried that it will eventually come to Phlan. Between his orders hatred for the undead and his civic concern, Yovir is looking for a group of able bodied adventurers to tackle this challenge.

The Order of the Silent Shroud is neutral in city politics, and thus Yovir has decided to sidestep any normal city bureaucracy and act directly before the threat finds its way to the city’s doorstep.

“I am so glad you answered my call for aid. If all is as I fear, time may be short. Let us talk quickly.”

Secrets of Sokol Keep Finale

The news about the extinguished beacon atop Sokol Keep is the topic de jour at the Laughing Goblin. Dockworkers, unable to work thanks to the beacons shutdown went looking for anyone connected to the keep. Disputes at the Goblin never go well, but thanks to our heroes, there was little damage done.

The heroes traveled on to Sokol Keep to investigate further. The disappearance of the young scion of house Sokol, Igan Sokol was confirmed by his servants. Recent events have scared the remaining servants. Their supervisor and security have gone missing and a spirit is haunting the Keep. But they have a job to do. Despite their fear, it is business as usual. However, the servants refuse to enter the East Tower and Lighthouse. They are inherently distrustful of strangers, but relieved that the city has sent people to investigate.

Our heroes uncovered suspicious, and at times, troubling information about Igan, and his days before his disappearance.

Where will this information lead?

Find out in this weeks Expedition.

Secrets of Sokol Keep

There always have been stories of treasure on Thorn Island, the isle functioning as a natural breakwater for Phlan’s harbor. The details differ with the teller of the tale. Many have sought the fabled riches of Sokol Keep, but nobody has ever claimed it, or at least admits to doing so. Now most believe it has been found long ago or that it is just a myth; one of many that surrounds Phlan.

In the decades that the keep was an abandoned ruin, there certainly has been ample of time for adventurers to scour the island. When House Sokol assumed control of the island, they never professed having found any treasure when they restored, and later extended, the keep. And they never looked very kindly on treasure seekers intruding upon their property and stead-fastedly blocked any thorough search of the keep in the century that they have been its custodian. Having been forced to mostly leave the island recently due to the troubles in the city, there would be little the House could do about any uninvited guests.

Still, Sokol Keep’s lighthouse is a reliable source of income for the house and important to the city’s maritime trade and defense. So the family left a token few retainers to maintain the fortress and ensure that the beacon was operational. Leading this small group was the young Igan Sokol, a junior member of the family. In addition, the Black Fist has a small squad of soldiers at the Keep to ostensibly help with defense.

Igan’s Journal

Launch Event
The adventure begins.
Defiance in Phlan.

Round robin play.


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