Bardus Sunheart

A brash pit fighter that throws hand axes with deadly precision and style.


Bardus’s past is not important. Well, at least before Bardus entered the arena. Bardus fought in the arena for fame and fortune. THAT, is where Bardus truly earn his name! Bardus became a big celebrity, but eventually Bardus was used like a tool for the king.

The government was corrupt, but as long as the people could watch some blood spill and the outspoken voices where silenced, “order” was kept in the city. I became an executioner in the sands of the fighting pits and in the shadows of the city’s back alleys.

During an attempted revolt, Bardus faked his death in order to escape the confines of the king and his short leash. Turns out, the king’s hand is everywhere and Bardus is still leashed to his hand, but the rope has a little more slack. One day, Bardus will find a way to break free from the king’s command and be truly a free man!

Bardus Sunheart

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