Prisoner 477

477 is enjoying new freedom from jail and now focuses time on training his squire to make up for past crimes.


name: PRISONER 477 (Clearwater)
character: Oronde Wright
Fighter 1 Warlock 3

Eldritch Blast
Cold Touch
Short Swords

Chain Shirt

Talking skull
Pirate Captain Hat
A horse named Spot
3 Carrion Crawler Eggs


477 was part of an martial/arcane village of mercenaries. Playing with far realm magic led him to a dangerous path of dark sacrificial magic. His village locked him up for about 15 years in a special cell which left him practically immobile and sealing his magic

While in solitude, indescribable visions of the far realm came to him. He lost his sense of self including the honor that bound him to his clan. Through some unknown far realm god, 477 escaped, killing any who got in his way.

477 has been out of prison for about 3 months. Spending most of the time fleeing the region and only recently making it to Phlan, thinking he’s left his twisted past behind. 477’s last vestige of honor is in training my squire, Matthias, who was orphaned in 477’s escape

I attract random bounty hunters and those seeking revenge. I also have an arch-nemesis, an arcane trickster rogue, able to infiltrate organizations. He was part of the village I escaped from, I nearly killed him

Prisoner 477

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