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Dealing with the actions of your fellow adventurers

Hi team,

As there was a bit of ‘questionable’ decisions that occurred last night, I’d like you all to take a minute and think about your alignment.

How do these decisions affect your opinions about your fellow companions? Are you slipping down a dark slope? Are you rising toward the light?

I’m not encouraging inter-party conflict…except I kind of am. Don’t hesitate to stand up for what you believe in. Just something to think about before next week. It will most likely impact how you decide as a team to move forward.

I’m also kicking around a really fun idea for each of your characters. Hit me up next week before the game to discuss.



Dang, I just HAD to miss last night due to the weather X_X. Can I get a synopsis please?


The Order of the Flame is born and Grimshackle Prison smolders in their ashes.

Following Braden Yil’s lead, the party makes their way to Grimshakle Prison, just a few hours north of Phlan.

After terse negotiations with the halfling brother duo of Bhevek and Ukharim Grimshackle, our heroes made there way to the top of the tower to interrogate the prisoner Rathene Fel.

Rathene Fel was captured after a failed raid attempt on House Sokol’s caravan returning to Phlan along the Iron Route. House Sokol was ready for an ambush and after successfully repelling it, also managed to secure a prisoner, whom was sold to the halfing entrepreneurs.

Rathene refused to talk to the heroes unless they freed her or helped to secure better accommodations within the prison. She did express that she had no love lost between her and Sahnd Krulek, leader of the Grey Patriots. Saying, “I’ve no loyalty to Sahnd Krulek. I can tell you where the bastard is right now. Tell you about that dragonborn he’s at war with too. But first you’ve got to earn it.”

The party began negotiating with Bhevek, the more reasonable of the brothers, when Pasha decided to take a more direct route and created the illusion of threatening him with a fire ball.

Immediately the alarms went off and every guard at the prison became hostile. The party systematically slaughtered the guards and Bhevek, although Ukharim managed to barely escape with his life, throwing himself into the Stonjanow River.

During the battle, the party managed a spectacular display of wizardry and war craft. The battle song to come from this fight is still sung in taverns throughout the Forgotten Realms today!

♪The Roof♫ ♫The Roof♪ ♪ The Roof is on fire♫ ♫We don’t need no water…♪

The fire quickly engulfed the old wooden planks of the ceiling causing it to crash down systematically floor by floor. The party did manage to save 12 of the 18 prisoners trapped there, however Prisoner 477 mourns deeply the loss of those 6 he couldn’t save.

The party escapes with the prisoners to the forests north of the prison ruins and find a secret cave behind a waterfall that they can hide behind. Here they make a pact with the escapees and become the Order of the Flame.

After interrogating Rathene, you learn of an uneasy pact that is happening between Sahnd Krulek & his Grey Patriots and Jeralla, a dragonborn Sorcerer and her army of Kobolds called the Claws of Tiamat. They realized they would be safer working in numbers and plan to meet at King’s Pyre 40 miles east of here.

The party proceeds back to Phlan to report their progress. Pasha returns to Phlan disguised as Bhevek and proceeds back to the Laughing Goblin. There he sows rumors to several people, including Fat Mar, and claims his brother has gone crazy and tried to kill everyone.

Braden Yil expresses his distress over the alliance and implores the party to make haste to King’s Pyre, even offering them the use of horses. Beeph, having been a sailor, secured passage on a quick moving ship and the party arrives barely 2 days later…

And this is where we start.


It is nice to know what happened last night as I was a little out of it. I do remember asking for no fireballs at the beginning but what the hey. I was at the end of the initiative so I kind of wasn’t heard. For the record I do have 6 skills, 2 from Charlatan and 4 from Rogue. The weird part is all of them are on the Rogue list.


A deep part of my character now wants to take back the mask and turn it in to the Harpers. I feel they can best protect it. I also want to make sure that Pasha’s fiend doesn’t get the article because he is probably part of the Cult. I don’t want them to get the mask.


Prisoner 477 only killed in self defense. He’s no fan of the prison system but he’s trying to be good and avoid ever going back to jail, which is why he invested heavily in helping Pasha cover up the incident.

But 477 does feel guilty about the whole thing. It was an unfortunate misunderstanding and no matter what, he tries to protect his mates. He plans to visit the families and make some sort of contribution.

Short Answer: 477 is Chaotic Good


Also we should plan to run a tight ship with the ex-prisoners. I’m with Joe on the idea of trying to reform them.

NinjaPlease NinjaPlease

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